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Client Testimonials

"Our course registrations increased by 3X this year and we achieved significantly more participation from our users and sponsors. Our website has become an excellent showcase for our organization." - Alan P., Atlanta, GA


"...and adding marketing treatments to our RFP separated our proposal from the competition. I am certain that this change played a significant role in winning the government contract." - Ken B., Required Research


"We were able to provide the specifications and just watch you guys work. The turnaround was absolutely amazing!" - Sokotu Network, Houston, TX
Vendætta Systems | The Window of Forsight

Business Solutions, Proven Results.

Vendætta Systems is a full service business development agency. We specialize in the implementation of business strategies and procedures to improve the overall performance of your organization. Our unique blend of intelligent technology and customer-centric marketing will help your company gain new customers, create new revenue streams, penetrate new markets, and improve your overall bottom line!


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Bigger. Faster. Stronger.

Small businesses, entrepreneurs and startup companies need bold, clean and effective brand identity, made up of a logo and strong marketing materials. And, these materials need stand out from the competition's materials so you can get potential clients' attention.


Technology Snippets

There are manyfactors which determine the cost of a website including, but not limited to, domain registration, web hosting, design, SEO, and maintenance. In 2010, the average website costs we as follows:

Type of Website Average Cost
Basic Website $394
Custom Website (HTML) $874
Custom Website (Flash) $1321
CMS Website $1575
Custom Interactive Website $3211

At the beginning of 2010, the social networking rankings were as follows:

rank (LY) site unique visitors monthly visits
1(2) 68,557,534 1,191,372,339
2(1) 58,555,800 810,153,536
3(22) 5,979,052 54,218,731
4(16) 7,645,243 53,389,974
5(9) 11,274,160 42,744,438

Statistical data provided by The top 25 list of social networks, as of 2010, is located here.

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