Client Testimonials

"Our course registrations increased by 3X this year and we achieved significantly more participation from our users and sponsors. Our website has become an excellent showcase for our organization." - Alan P., Atlanta, GA


"...and adding marketing treatments to our RFP separated our proposal from the competition. I am certain that this change played a significant role in winning the government contract." - Ken B., Required Research


"We were able to provide the specifications and just watch you guys work. The turnaround was absolutely amazing!" - Sokotu Network, Houston, TX

About Vendaetta Systems

Vendætta Systems is the industry leader in business development programs and systems. Through high-availability products, we are able to provide a wide range of services to any organization.

The Complete Business Life Cycle

From the inception of your organization to building new revenue strategies, Vendætta Systems has the experience and know-how to get the job done. We strategically combine best-in-breed technology with marketing expertise designed to grow your business.

Our Focus is on Results

Our only metric for success is improvement of your organizations productivity and performance. Leveraging both quantitative and qualitative analysis of your business structure, competitors, and markets, Vendætta Systems guarantees results. We succeed when you succeed. That has been our mantra from day one and will continue drive our business.

Business is Interactive

Vendætta Systems will help you redefine your business with interactive technology that is both effective and far reaching. One thing that never changes is that business is interactive. Our resources go beyond the fact that you "need a website" and are focussed on helping you accomplish your business goals through proactive business strategy and marketing. 

Vendaetta Systems At a Glance

Originally Established January 1993; however, February 2001 is our founder's day!
About the Company Name Originally Jones GraFiX, Inc.. We capitalized the "F" and "X" to denote "graphic effects". Name changed to JGI Systems in 1997. Vendætta Systems (pron. vin-dey-tuh) was born from a brainstorming session in 2000 where we wanted to establish the company as the anti-consultant firm. A founder mentioned we should take out a "vendetta" against bad consulting and out established business model was data-centric. We replaced the "e" was replaced with the old english "æ" and Vendætta was formed.
Company Highlights
  • Youngest consulting firm to win a City of Dallas procurement.
  • First Budgeting Application to be used across all FEMA agencies.
  • Best new product award at TexMed.
  • Developed first web-based property tax application.
  • Design application for the fastest growing youth organization in America.
Our Inspiration

The first commercial of its kind...1984



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