[suh-loo-shuhn] - the act of solving a problem, question, etc.

At the core of what we do, we are problem solvers. Vendætta Systems specializes in delivering comprehensive business and data solutions using leading edge technologies, focussed on enhancing market strategies and web-based delivery. We implement Best-of-Breed technologies while adhering to the rules of well-established development methods. We deploy scalable, enterprise solutions for any size business.

Vendætta Systems provides the best possible business services at a very affordable price. We have a customer-centric approach to all of our projects. Contact us today and find out how we can help your business reach its full potential.



Technology Snippets

There are manyfactors which determine the cost of a website including, but not limited to, domain registration, web hosting, design, SEO, and maintenance. In 2010, the average website costs we as follows:

Type of Website Average Cost
Basic Website $394
Custom Website (HTML) $874
Custom Website (Flash) $1321
CMS Website $1575
Custom Interactive Website $3211

At the beginning of 2010, the social networking rankings were as follows:

rank (LY) site unique visitors monthly visits
1(2) 68,557,534 1,191,372,339
2(1) 58,555,800 810,153,536
3(22) 5,979,052 54,218,731
4(16) 7,645,243 53,389,974
5(9) 11,274,160 42,744,438

Statistical data provided by The top 25 list of social networks, as of 2010, is located here.

Top 10 Reasons for choosing Vendaetta Systems:

  1. Specialized Technical Skills
  2. Unbeatable Customer Support
  3. High Quality, Innovative Services
  4. Complete Flexibility
  5. Latest Technology at an Affordable Cost
  6. Minimal Upfront Investment
  7. Proven Engineered Approach - DEV3
  8. Easy Upgrades and Additions
  9. Technology is a Hobby
  10. Experience
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