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"Excellence is an art won by training and habituation...We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit."


Should we educate our clients?

At Vendaetta Systems, the answer is an emphatic, YES! We believe that the only way to serve our customers is to first educate, then provide solutions. Understandably, some of our clients prefer to maintain an almost blissful unawareness of the technology and services we provide as they almost always fall outside of their core competency; however, our experience has shown that educated clients present additional opportunities. The ideal situation is not limited to a customers' unwavering value of our services; it also includes a customer understanding the depth and breadth of of our total offerrings.

We have taken our vast corporate, seminar, and conference experience and conveniently packaged it into custom training solutions for all.


Vendaetta University is our advanced learning and assessment system developed to build essential interpersonal, business, and technical skills through customized business interfaces interface. Vendaetta University offers several products to suit various needs including:


  • Onsite Training
  • Online Training
  • Personality Assessments
  • Aptitude Exams
  • Skill-building Projects
  • and much more
Our training has helped organizations, of all sizes, achieve tremendous results from both their employees and their operations. Click here to register and get started today!



Below is a list of our upcoming courses:

No courses scheduled for the next 30 days

Technology Snippets

There are manyfactors which determine the cost of a website including, but not limited to, domain registration, web hosting, design, SEO, and maintenance. In 2010, the average website costs we as follows:

Type of Website Average Cost
Basic Website $394
Custom Website (HTML) $874
Custom Website (Flash) $1321
CMS Website $1575
Custom Interactive Website $3211

At the beginning of 2010, the social networking rankings were as follows:

rank (LY) site unique visitors monthly visits
1(2) 68,557,534 1,191,372,339
2(1) 58,555,800 810,153,536
3(22) 5,979,052 54,218,731
4(16) 7,645,243 53,389,974
5(9) 11,274,160 42,744,438

Statistical data provided by The top 25 list of social networks, as of 2010, is located here.

Top 10 Reasons for choosing Vendaetta Systems:

  1. Specialized Technical Skills
  2. Unbeatable Customer Support
  3. High Quality, Innovative Services
  4. Complete Flexibility
  5. Latest Technology at an Affordable Cost
  6. Minimal Upfront Investment
  7. Proven Engineered Approach - DEV3
  8. Easy Upgrades and Additions
  9. Technology is a Hobby
  10. Experience
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