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Social Networking vs. Email

Written by  Wm. Dexter Jones
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In 2008, a Nielson Online study found that over two-thirds of the global Internet users accessed "member community" websites. This number exceeded the number of users worldwide accessing email.

The Social Networking Boom

The growing popularity of social networking websites cannot be ignored. A few of the most popular, Facebook, MySpace, Linked In, and Twitter each reach between 20-30% of Internet users globally. Even more impressive is the rate at which these sites have grown and with very little traditional marketing. Facebook was started in 2004 and open to only Harvard students. In just over 5 years, Facebook has over 350 million active users; and this is only one segment of the entire space of social networking. Below are a few key results from the research:

  • One in every eleven minutes online is spent on social networking or blog sites.
  • Increased use of mobile phones are contributing tremendously to the growth of social networking.
  • The social networking demographic is becoming more mature as people between the ages of 35-49 account for the greatest increase in membership

As our economy evolves, so are the methods for communicating with consumers. Social networking is providing publishers with a much more focussed marketplace.

Balancing Email Campaigns

In comparison, there are over 1.1 billion email users with approximately 1.4 billion active email accounts. Email would seem to be much more far reaching until you look inside the numbers. Email activity reaches just over 65% globally. Although email is much more prevalent, the actual use and effectiveness has waned over the years. The inundation of spam and email blasts has, unfortunately, developed into a negative perception of email marketing. Despite perception, the use of "opt-in" mechanics, targeted campaigns, and tracking has allowed email to continue to be an effective marketing tool.

Leveraging Social Networking and Email

So what is a business to do with access to billions of people worldwide and several mechanisms to reach them? It has become imperative that businesses diversify their marketing strategies. Although the Internet and, more recently, the social networking phenomenon have dramatically changed the landscape for marketers, traditional marketing methods are still applicable. An interesting finding in the study was that more than 80% of Americans are watching television and using the internet at the same time; exemplifying how traditional and web-based methods complement each other.

Email marketing works. Email continues to lead the industry in return on investment (ROI) and return on advertising spend (ROAS). Direct Magazine, a leading resource for online marketing estimates that in 2010 email marketing will have an ROI of just over $42 for every dollar spent. Although this number is down from the $43 of 2009, it is still almost twice that of search advertising. Email advertising drove $26 billion in sales for 2009; that's a healthy revenue channel for business to continue to tap into.

Social networking has helped business better target their markets. Email has been a staple of online marketing for decades. Targeting your advertising spend in multiple channels will greatly improve the exposure of your products and services in addition to having an impact on a far reaching audience.

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